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Auto Jumpstart Recommendations and Useful Tips

Automobile Jumpstart Recommendations and Useful Tips – By Louie – Louie Towing Brooklyn NYC We will refer to Veh#1 as the running one and giving a jumpstart. We will refer to Veh#2 as the disable one receiving the jumpstart. A - Try to park Veh#1 directly in front of Veh#2, so that vehicles are facing each other is best position. This method allows other cars around you to have space, allowing traffic to flow by. This also allows shorter cables to work over a small distance. B – Proceed to park Veh#1 next to Veh#2. Park Veh#1 where the side battery is closest to Veh#2. This way the cables can reach the batteries easily. C – Proceed to open both hoods of vehicles. Make sure the hood is secured when open by making sure the hood rod is in its proper hole. If hood is hydraulic cylinder and does not feel secure once lifted, then a stick or pole or broom stick is recommended to prevent the hood from falling down and hurting someone. In instances of strong winds or bad weather, it is advised to have one physically hold the hood to prevent an accident. D – Pull out your booster cables and take the positive or (red color end) of one side and clamp it to cable next to it. (Negative) or (Black in Color) clamps should be approximately 6 inches from each other. Make sure the cables don’t touch each other. We don’t want any contact between + and – clamps. Now take the other side of the booster cables and connect to Veh #1. E – To connect booster cables to Veh #1 you need to identify the + and – on battery. Your booster cable red or positive will clam to same on battery. If you cannot read battery wipe with a cloth or napkin. Remember that positive post on battery was always more wires and fuse lines attached. The negative of battery – the battery wire is always thinner with one or two cables all ending bolted to frame or body for ground (no fuse lines on ground) F – Ok we installed or connected booster cables from Veh#1 to Veh#2. It’s OK to see a small spark. This means a change is taking place (good). But if a loud and strong spark is present, this means Veh#2 lights and accessories are still on and must be shut off. All including ignition key position must be off or remove key from ignition. Try again if a big spark is still present (stop) – you have a short possibly. If not continue to connect booster cables. Also shut off all accessories from Veh#1 as well to give the most charge possible. G – Now depending on How? The battery is dead or discharged on Veh#2. It is recommended to leave engine running for at least 3 minutes before attempting to start. Never give a boost with Veh#1 not running. For this can pull so much energy from Veh#1 that it can kill the battery.

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