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We boost and charge dead car batteries or dead auto batteries. We service all makes and models of cars including hybrid vehicles, suv's and all light duty box trucks. We also boost motor cycles and service 12-24 volts. We service batteries for cars and light trucks. 


We also boost commercial batteries on generators, compressors, forklifts and construction equipment machinery. Remember that it is recomended to change the battery after three years on a private vehicle and a clean battery connections atleast once a year.


We it comes to batteries on your personal car it is recommended that you change the battery no more than four years. Commercial vehicles on the other hand will be no more than 2 years of use. You should check the battery terminals for corrosion and loosiness every three months. 


These batteries I am going to mention below are suggested batteries with good reputations:  




Remember the CCA (cold cranking amps) Is the strength level of the battery power and the CA ( cranking amps) is the amps of the normal temperature  outside the vehicle maxium output of battery. I always suggest putting in the highest CA level battery that one can afford.This is an investment especially if you have a music system, vehicle of very low usage or constantly forget to shut off your lights. A regular battery will give you aprox 30 minutes that you can hopefully restart or it will die. A heavy duty battery can give you 6- 12 hours with the lights on and will still restart. Spend the money for your saftery and protection of your family and yourself. Remember to always have the battery secure, We don't want The battery jumping around and grounding out causing a short or even a fire. 

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