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We home owners don't like to have cars ticketed and towed away but we all buy a house with a driveway o have the liberty of entered and exiting our driveway as we please & some other neighbor's want to violate our right. So we have no choice to call 311, make a report, have the vehicle summons and call for a tow truck. When searching for a tow company to remove a car in your driveway here are some keywords you can use to google for a tow truck: Removal car obstructing driveway, removal of car parking driveway, removal of illegal parked car in driveway, Driveway car removal, driveway car blocking, Driveway illegally parked removed, Driveway blocked towing companies, Driveway obstructed by car, Driveway removal towing, Towing for blocked driveway, Towing for obstructed driveway, Towing for illegally parked vehicle in driveway, illegally parked vehicles removed, illegally parked cars in driveway removed, illegally parked car towing, illegally parked car towed out and obstructed driveway towing.  24 hour blocked driveway tow company, My driveway is being blocked, my driveway is being abstructed, car has gotten boxed in my driveway, need illegally parked car towed out, need illegally parked vehicle towed out, need illegally parked auto towed out, unauthorized auto parked in my driveway, unauthorized vehicle parked in my driveway, unauthorized car parked in my driveway, blocked driveway removal companies, blocked driveway removal company, my car was towed away, my vehicle towed away, my auto was towed away, We are Manhattan's  best tow company that will respond when requested. We cover Midtown and Down Town Manhattan. 
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