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Roadside Tire Change 





We change your spare tire and we add air if needed. In some cases we will remove tire and and carry it to a 24 hr flat fix and then re-install your tire. So you can get back home. Always check your air pressure for maxium handling and duration of tire. Also check your tires for ware visually every two weeks. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR TIRES PROPERLY INFLATED TO PREVENT DANGEROUS CONDITIONS ALSO TO MAXIMIZE THE LIFE OF THE TIRE CHECK YOUR AIR PRESSURE EVERY WEEK FOR THE SAFETY OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. HERE BELOW ARE SOME SUGGESTED BRAND TIRES YOU CAN TRUST: MICHELIN, BRIDGESTONE, GOOD YEAR, HANKOOK, DUNLAP, COOPER, BF GOODRICH, PIRELI, GENERAL, YAKOHAMA, FIRESTONE, UNIROYAL, CONTINENTAL AND KELLY.


A word of advice 4x4s and AWD owners. You must keep the exact tire size and air pressure the same on all tires all the times. Failure to do this will damage your transfer case and front axles. this will also increase the chances flipping over at turns. This failure will cause unsafe driving do to traction and improper tire wear as a result. Besides having the exact tire size, air pressure, For optium performance it is better to use the same tire company. 


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