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24 hour auto winch out in Manhattan NYC 


Louie Towing NYC of Manhattan & Brooklyn NY is totally insured and bonded  towing and auto roadside assistance in New York City. We offer affordable auto winch out services for out of commission automobiles such as cars and vans stuck in the snow, stuck in flood, stuck in mud, stuck in ice, stuck in sand that need to be pulled out of. If you have to pull out your vehicle because the wheels fell in a man hole we can help you drag it out with a tow truck as well. Also any other strange situation that might occur.


Here at Louie Towing we often use nylon straps instead of chains or cables to provide less damages to your vehicle. Here are some searches that can assist you with these kind of problems: Need to be winched out, Need to be towed out, need to be pull out, need to be taken out of the hole, need to be pushed out, 24 hr emergency winch out, 24 hr emergency tow out, 24 emergency pullout, 24 hr emergency out of a hole, 24hr emergency pushout. 




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