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How To Prepare For A Long Road Trip With Your Family

How To Prepare For A Long Road Trip With Your Family - posted : 8/12/2014.

Before leaving on a long distance trip, one should develop a checklist:

1 - Notate all phone numbers of your family, neighbors, doctors and tow truck may need in case of an emergency.

2 - Always carry cell phone, gps navigation system or maps and proper directions to your destination.

3 - Make sure you check your vehicles fluid levels and a visual inspection of tires, belts and hoses.

4 - Make sure you have an inflated spare tire with a jack and lug wrench

5 - Check all 4 tire air pressures according to owners manual for the vehicle

Under pressure tires result in sidewall blowouts and poor traction causing drivers a liable to loose control of their vehicles. Over pressure tires cause the vehicle to bounce out of control also resulting in poor traction causing drivers a liable to loose control of their vehicles.

6 - Having a flash light and flare is essential.

7 - Carry protective eye gear such as sunglasses.

8 - Please carry a gallon of drinking water, a roll of paper towels, a bottle of aspirin, a blanket and any eye cleansing liquids you may need such as vising or any other medications your doctor may have prescribed for you.

9 - Remember to get at least 8 hours of sleep before the trip to insure you are alert and drive safe, that will help prevent careless mistakes on the road that can result in an accident.

Ways To Prevent You car Battery From Dying.

The following take a lot of energy from a battery example (headlights, wipers, blower, radio, GPS, interior lights, laptops, and tv's inside. If the idle speed is moderate the battery will charge properly resulting in super condition.

Failure to follow these recommended tips can result in high risk of computer shutting down vehicle; when this occurs the steering wheel will be hard to turn, the brakes are rock hard to make driving extremely unsafe. you will have little to no lights. If you ever experience this, you should try to move to your right side and look for a shoulder to pull into.

If there is no shoulder try to roll to the most lighted area and open the hood of your car and also making sure all passengers exit the vehicle.

Do not stay inside the vehicle to prevent fatalities in case of a rear end collision.

Try your best not to panic and don't argue during these times.

Sometime we can not be too safe but we do what we can.

Remember - You Are Better Safe Than Sorry.

Louie Towing Inc - Advice All Motorists to take extra care and time to do the right thing. This is not just about you its about all of us.

Louie, President of Louie Towing Inc.

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